Creamy Garlic

Our signature dip. In our opinion this is the best tasting pizza dip on the market. Although designed specifically for pizza it also goes great with veggies, chips and crackers.

Ranch Dip has become a favorite dip used on hundreds of types of finger foods. Ranch dip started out as a salad dressing but has quickly become one of the most popular dipping choices for pizza and veggies. It is truly a world wide favourite.
Jalapeño Cheddar

Jalapenos and cheddar cheese go together like mom's apple pie and ice cream. This mildly spicy dip is a great choice for the cheese lover.
Hot & Spicy

This hot, sweet and spicy dipping sauce is excellent with barbecued chicken and deep fried snacks such as egg rolls or fried calamari.
Blue Cheese

Tastes just as interesting as it sounds! Serve this blue cheese dip with vegetable dippers, or as usual a favourite for finishing off that great pizza crust!
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